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Main » 2012 » September » 15 » Foreign Languages in My Life
Foreign Languages in My Life
Foreing languages in my life
-Why is learning language is important to you?
-How does it influance your life?
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16 Shady  
I started to learn English when I was in 5 class. This is one of the school lessons, which I know not good. but I understand that English can help me in the future and I try understand it. Also learning English is also important to me because it is one of the most used languages ​​in the world and I believe that to know at least the basics in today's society necessary. I think that in influence of the English language there are good and bad sides. The good thing is that it contributes to the development of international relations and an interest in the language. The bad is that are too many English words begins to penetrate the Russian language and simply clog it. Anyway, English is one of the most interesting language and learning it give us some knowledge.

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15 Anna  
I’ve been studying the English language at school for 7 years. I can’t say it’s my favorite subject but I still think it’s very useful. I have already thought for several times about its role in my whole life. Maybe it will be very important for me if I’m successful to make my dream about the job come true. I’m sure I’ll travel a lot in future. So I must be able to talk to native speakers in the foreign country. That’s very important to have an opportunity to communicate with people that don’t speak your mother tongue. Travelling is the main thing I will need English for.
It’s rather difficult for me to imagine my future life and to figure out the place the English language will take there, but no doubt I will use it somehow. This or that way I will show my skills that I’m going to improve someday. That’s why I’m glad I study foreign language at school.

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14 archer62  
As I've recently realised it's very important to know at least one foreign language. Particularly for those who likes travelling. Because in a foreign country you have to communicate with people using their language or international one like English. So I travel a lot. Moreover, I'm gonna dedicate my whole life to learning different overseas languages and customs. Also, I do want to connect my future occupation with travelling. So I'll have to study languages by immersion. For now I often watch English movies. In spite of its complexity I really enjoy it anyway. Just like I said learning foreign languages is important for everyone and it can improve relationships between nationalities.

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13 Katya  
English is a wonderful language. I have been studying English for six years. I go to English classes at school and take extra ones. This summer I was in America. I realized then that English is necessary in modern life. firstly, for travelling. we need to order a meal in a restaurant, rent a hotel room in a foreign country and if it’s necessary to ask a stranger hoe to get this or that place. secondly, English may play a big role in my job. Work for a good company needs to knowing English quite well. Thirdly, it is fashionable. everyone should know several languages. Fourthly, it develops people’s memory. all people need to develop their memory. I believe that everyone should learn English, it plays a big role in our lives. People around the world are taught the language, and it means that we can all communicate with each other no matter from what country we are. communication is one of the most important things in our live.

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12 Polina  
Learning foreign languages ​​is today more relevant than ever before. Knowledge of a foreign language offers you many prospects. It is now a foreign language anywhere, if you want to be successful, you need to know at least one foreign language. I have been studying English since the second class. I think it is important to know a foreign language. For example, to communicate with people from other countries, you will need to know the language. To get a prestigious job must also be fluent in the language. I think that the children are still small children should learn a foreign language that would later make his life easier. Owning a foreign language, you always have a chance to talk with interesting people on a variety of topics, start dating and friends with foreigners.

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11 Семеновская  
Learning of foreign languages - an important part of school life. Learning languages is not only useful, but it also gives you a lot of satisfaction. Foreign languages let you experience the culture of the world. As it is necessary for communication with foreigners.
For me a foreign language - an important part of an everyday life, because I like to listen to music of foreign performers, to watch movies and even I have some friends from other countries.
At school at English lessons I like to read and translate texts, audition and grammatical exercises.
I want to continue to study a foreign language and to improve it.

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10 Gw@n  
I have been learning English since the second class. Then I did not understand that I need it for university. But nowadays knowledge of English is required. Firstly, I need it to communicate with English-speaking people. Now, I have a pen pal from America. His name is Brian. Frankly speaking, he is a great guy. With the help of the Internet I can chat with him and I learn a lot of things such as culture, customs, lifestyles, thinking... Secondly, learning English is very important for my future job. All my life I would like to be a diplomat to go to English-speaking country and to live happily.Thirdly, I have a hobby. My hobby is to see films. And like a connoisseur, I have to say that see films in the original is great pleasure.
Finally, I wold like to say that learning English not only responsibility, but also delight for me.

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9 elya_ginger  
I started to learn a foreign language in the second grade. I think it is important to start to learn a language at an early age. In my life, language plays an important role. Through a foreign language I can meet a lot of people from other countries. Knowledge of a foreign language helps to know cultures and customs of different countries.
Personally, I have been studying English. Knowledge of English makes life easy. I can read in English, speak, watch a variety of videos, and visit foreign sites. Language makes the world around broader and more interesting. I want to have to study more foreign languages.

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8 =ANY=  
I started learning English 8 years ago. At that time I didn’t understand why I was studying English. It was not interested me. Nowadays, I would like to have perfect English as soon as it possible. First of all, I study English because I like communicating with foreigners. Sometimes I speak with Australian girl Megan, Turkey guy Onur and other English-speaking people. I like it very much! It is so interesting to learn about foreigners’ life. Also I would like to watch films in English. Now I watch their very seldom because I don’t understand so much. The advantage of watching films without translate is that we can watch any film earlier than it will be in Russian. English as other languages what I going to study will be useful in my future. After English I plan to study German. I should have perfect German surely, because I studied it for somel time.

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7 Svetlana  
I think learning foreign languages is very important nowadays . Learning to speak foreign languages you can change your life. Nowadays it is difficult to communicate with other world without knowing a second language . It happens because such resources as internet, television and the press are in a foreign languages . So if sciens, music, art, sports, ets you have to know a foreign language.
In addution , knowing a foreign language increases your opportunities to get good job, to earh more money and to push your career forward.
Moreover today people like travel around the world and communication with people from different countries. To make this process easier you should earn one or more foreign languages . For example this summer I have visited Greece and in spite of that my English is not perfect it was easer for me to communicate and to understand local inhabitants.
In conclusion I wont to say that I am not going to use a foreign languages in my future profession . I need knowledge a foreign languages just for travelling. But if does not mean that we do not need to learn languages we should do it if we want to be educated people.

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