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Main » 2013 » January » 18 » Essay "My Opinion"
Essay "My Opinion"

Essay "My Opinion"

Virtual Schools

Comment on the following:

Some people believe that all children will be taught in a virtual school. They will be able to enter the virtual classroom from any location - from home, the internet cafe, the ocean beach. There will be no traditional classroom in 50 years.

Use the guidelines:

- make an introduction (describe the situation)
-  express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
- express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
- explain why you don't agree with the opposing opinion
- make a conclusion restating your position

Write 200-250 words

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15 Shady  
Some people find that after a while all the children will learn in virtual schools. Is this true?
I think that the school - it is not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also communication, so replace it virtual will not good idea. In addition, regular schools more useful in of training, because in virtual school students can safely write off, and in a regular school pupils will learn better.
On the other hand, computers are becoming more and more important in our lives, so what that computerization is unavoidable. Moreover, it is convenient, that school always beside.
I do not like the idea of ​​a virtual school, because for me, communication it important part of of the educational process. And virtual school  with on Skype or another voice system can not replace a real, live communication.
Actually, I hope that the virtual school will be only in our mind, or will be present, but as additional training.


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14 Polina  
Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life without the Internet. Technologies developing quickly. That is why many people believe that their generation will learn in virtual schools.
I believe that learning in a virtual school is a good idea. Firstly, these schools may study different children, for example, even the disabled. Secondly, do not have to exit the house. This especially comes in plus the fact a long way to go to school. Thirdly, no expenses.
On the other hand, it is bad that the children will be less talk to each other. Just spending a lot of time on the computer, tablet, etc. can lead to serious health problems.
In conclusion I would say that in the virtual school has its pluses and minuses, but I think it is a good option for you.

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13 =ANY=  
Today we already can communicate with friends and relatives online. That's why some people suppose that pupils  can study at online-schools.  They think that children won't go to school and sit in classrooms, they'll be able to put in their computers wherever they'll be and will be able to start a lesson in 50 years. 
In my opinion, this is a terrible idea. Firstly, it's impossible to teach some subjects like technology, art, physical education, music by connecting to the Internet. These subjects are very important, because with them pupils can develop their skills and determine new interests. PE helps child improve his health. Secondly, children will feel alone, they won't have enough friends.  It's very bad for the child's mind. Thirdly, a computer's a very harmful device. It ruins vision, makes people less active. 
 But on the other hand, online-studying is very comfortable. Children won't waste of time while they go to school and come back home. They can spend this time more useful. Also university students who'll study at online-universities will be able to have a job and a family. And, of course, sick children will feel like others, they will feel like normal children. 
 I'm sure that arguments against virtual schools are more cogent. Pupils and student need in communication, they need in friendship. If student wants to have a job or a family, he can study by correspondence. If students will study at  online-schools, maybe people will work online too? Maybe we will create online-factories, online-farms?  
 In conclusion I want to say that I don't want that my children and grandchildren study so. But maybe the world will change very much in 50 years  and this educational system will the best decision.

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12 tony  
I consider that it is possible. Because technologies don't stand still. They develop very quickly. A virtual school will be very convenient. You won't need to go to study and get up early. You can wake up and at once come into a virtual school. There will be no teachers with whom you can not get on together. But a virtual school have minuses. For example the child will move less. It is harmful to an organism. Besides it it will be rare
to communicate with contemporaries. It means will badly develop. And it is a big minus which slows down development of the child. Therefore it is necessary to occupy somehow the child in remained time. And it is one more problem for parents who too are occupied and have a little free time.

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11 Nastasya  
Nowadays, some people believe that in the future all children will be taught in a virtual school. So, thanks to technical progress virtual learning will replace the real.
As for me, I think that the appearance a virtual school is a good idea. Firstly, the training will be publicly available. On par with all, the education will get the kids who live in remote areas or children with disabilities. Secondly, the virtual school will allow people to plan their learning process. For example, a person will decide for himself when he will study mathematics, history or chemistry, depending on the circumstances. In addition, people will save a lot of money, because if you will be trained remotely, no need to buy books, notebooks ... And if a student forgets a textbook, it will not affect the learning process.
On the other hand there is the view, that, if a student will learn in a virtual school, it will lose some life skills. For example, he will not be getting a very important communication skills. Secondly, if children will be taught computers, many people will lose their jobs. With the advent of electronic programs, the need for these teachers will disappear.
But the world is evolving, and with it, and technological progress. Thus, the appearance of new, virtual schools is inevitable.
In conclusion I want to say that the appearance a virtual school is a new step in the development of education. And I hope this form of training will bring more positive things than negative.

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10 July  
Many peoplethink that the virtual school will soon become very popular. Children will be
trained in all places where will want.In myopinion traditional education  is better, than virtual.First,being trained at school, the person adapts in activity in a society. Secondly,  the person learns to be competitive.  It is very important, because in the future
it is necessary to work in a society, and these qualities are necessary for
this purpose.  Thirdly, in an explanation
of some themes it is impossible to manage one computer and the Internet.  The person who can explain, help and show is
necessary.But just asthere are many disadvantages of such training.Forexample, traditional training takes away sometimes a lot of time.  Time spent at schools, it would be possible
to distribute more rationally. Traditional  education concedes in this question virtual,
which allows to distribute the time how conveniently.  Children could be trained at home evenduring illness.Butnevertheless traditional education is better.In theconclusion, everyone should choose mode of study individually.  The main thing that the educationallevel was high.

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9 elya_ginger  
Some people think that virtual schools will be able to replace the traditional. They believe that all children will attend virtual school soon.
I think that the creation of virtual schools is a good idea. Firstly, children will attend school without leaving home. They can attend lessons from anywhere. Secondly, children will be ill less because they won't meet other children. Thirdly, conflicts between classmates will be less, because the children are not seen really.
On the other hand, children will lose communication skills. Because of this they will be difficult to communicate in real life. And also the kids will not really communicate with teachers who may transfer their life experience.
But still a virtual school it is ideal for the modern information society. Such schools will help students save time, which does not suffice today.
In the conclusion these schools will be one of the results of technical progress. I want to say that virtual schools will be good modern replacement of traditional schools of our time.

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8 Катя  
Many people believe that the virtual school will be very popular and will replace the modern school. Is it possible? In my view a virtual school will displace the modern school and become the most popular.
Firstly, many children spend a lot of time on the way to school, because their houses are far away. Virtual school will help save time, as the training will take place at home.
Secondly, do not need to spend money on various textbooks, exercise books and writing materials.
Thirdly,there are children who often get sick and they can not miss classes. Anyone can learn at home, even a sick child. This will increase the attendance of lessons.
But just as there are many disadvantages of such training.
For example, many children can not properly allocate your time. The child has a lot to distract on extraneous things, and little time to give lessons.
And so the teacher can help and explain to the child that he did not understand, and the computer is not.
Yet the relationship with teachers is not always good, because many children have a difficult character. And everyone should be able to work with the computer and it is better to learn from childhood.
Virtual School - a school of the future. The sooner it appear the better.

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7 archer  
Nowadays technological development has reached astonishing heights. Even educational process has been changed dramatically since many new devices which help make it easier have been invented. That’s why some people are sure that there will be only virtual classrooms in the near future. But others believe that it can’t come true.
To my way of thinking virtual classrooms definitely become real in the next 50 years. Firstly, it would be a great opportunity for people with disabilities to get education since they can stay at home or wherever they want. Secondly, such distance learning will save a lot of time for busy people so they can take different courses of higher education separately.
On the other hand, there is the opinion that traditional classrooms can’t be replaced with virtual ones. The reason is that direct communication between pupils and teacher is necessary for children to develop their social skills. Moreover, computer won’t be able to give knowledge to people properly because it’s only programmed machine.
But technological progress is inevitable and it can’t be stopped. So extinction of the traditional system of education is only matter of time.
In conclusion I would like to say that I’m absolutely sure that the education system will evolve like any other aspect of our society. More than that, there are no doubts in my mind that distance learning will be available for everyone in the near future.

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6 Gw@n  
Once Allan Bloom said, "Education is the movement from darkness to light". It does not matter which way of learning we choose. Some people prefer traditional one. Others believe that children will be taught in a virtual school in 50 years.
Personally, I think that traditional education is better. The most important thing is that a child should grow up in a society. This means that a child needs to communicate with peers. Furthermore, if they learn in a virtual school, they will be closed. This will lead to psychological disorders. In addition, there will be a lot of sick and weak children in a new century.
However, some people call for new ideas in education. They want to improve or even to change it. The alternative is a virtual school. They find such schools convenient. Children can learn new things without spending time and effort. They also can study when they are ill. What is more, it would be safer. Nowadays, there are a lot of car crashes involving children. Perhaps such schools would help avoid them.
And yet children should learn in a traditional school. They need to communicate to their development.
To conclude, it's up to you to decide what kind of education to choose for you child. Anyway, the level of education should be high.

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