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Main » 2012 » November » 26 » Work for full-time students
Work for full-time students
Essay "My opinion"
Comment on the following:
Some parents think that university students should not work during term-time as it can affect their academic performance.
Use the guidelines:
  • write whether you agree or disagree with the statement
  • present your arguments "for"
  • present your arguments "against"
  • write your conclusion
Write 200-250 words
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13 _strekoza_  
Nowadays some people think that university students shouldn’t work, because it may be harmful for their academic performance. As for me, I think it is not right. To my mind, students must work during their studying for some reasons.
First of all, when young people combine work with studying they become more responsible and self-reliant. When a person has a close schedule he gets punctual because he can’t be late either for classes or for work. Besides, one can get very useful knowledge and skills at work. Secondly, having a work means earning money that is very important especially for students. If a student gets money on his own he is independent of parents and can spend this money without their permission.
On the other hand, if a student has work he has very little time for his studying, so his results may be not very good. Besides, young people who have works consider themselves to be clever, skillful and mature enough, therefore they stop working on themselves and learning things. Moreover, such lifestyle is very tiring, it can be harmful for young people to be too busy.
However, I’m sure university students must be as busy as they can to master different things. And it is work that will help them with it.
Therefore, I believe, that students should work during term-time.

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12 Verbenkina  
Nowadays, many parents believe that children do not have to combine work and study. I disagree.
I think that you can work and learn and even necessary. A study in many universities is quite expensive and not all parents are able to pay for it, so work for some students need. In addition, if the work is connected with study is useful for the development of skills. Additional skills can help you become a responsible and able to work independently.
On the other hand, a great influence on the health of students subjected to excessive loads. So young teens already have big problems - problems with vision, heart, etc., are often subjected to stress. The work also takes a lot of time, and it can affect student learning.
Working while you study will help you become more independent, but focusing more time on the job may distract from getting enough knowledge. In my opinion working while you study is needed.
Summing up the, I can say that each student has the choice to work or not. they should reflect on some issues, such as whether there is a need to work, will it help to obtain certain skills for their future, whether they are able to combine work and study, whether they can achieve their goals taking the time to work.

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11 Nastasya  
Nowadays, many parents believe that if a child is working while studying, so it will do poorly in school. They think that if a student spends a lot of time to work, then the lessons he has no time.
In my opinion, this is not a valid point of view. I think that if the student will be working in the area, which is close to his future career, he can gain a great and rewarding experience. For example, if the student will learn the journalist and earn money at the same correspondent, he will be able to gain experience for a future career. In addition, the work helps to discipline the students. When the student is in compliance with a certain schedule or meets the requirements of management, it gets important skills needed in later life. Besides, the work gives students the additional money, which helps pay for expensive training at the institute. Most parents do not have enough money to pay for training at the institute, and the students' work gives children the opportunity to receive higher education.
On the other hand, training very hard for the students and they are very tired during the school year. And the work exhausting them even more and leaves no time for class. In addition, some students do not know how to allocate their time. Therefore, they are sometimes because of work may not be enough time to study, which affects their performance.
Still, I believe that with proper time management students at desire can combine work and study. Further work will help them in the future.
In conclusion, I can say that, every student has a right to choose to work it or not. After all, it is waiting for more independent life, where he will have to make yourself.

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10 =ANY=  
Nowadays, many adults are sure that their children. who study at Universities should not have jobs. Parents suppose that working can negatively influence students' performance.
I agree with these people, who think that working is bad for students. And I can provide that these people are in the right.
Firstly,as a rule, work takes away a lot of time. Student should prepare for their exams. If student isn't ready he's performance will be fall. Secondly, every student feels tired during term-time, because studying at a University is rather intense. Working he has less time for friends, rest, leisure. He needs breaks. Thirdly, university student can have stress because of his full time-table. It can affect his academic performance too.
However, there are advantages of students' work. Many parents can't pay for their children's studying at University, that's why students have to work. Further, many adults suppose that the earlier a young person starts to work the quicker he becomes more independent and successful. Additionally, students often work because they want to spend money on themselves.
Nevertheless, if student wants to study well, he should not work during term-time. It's impossible to study well and to work simultaneously . Student should concentrate on studying.
In conclusion, I am sure that students should choose themselves. Parents aren't in right to prohibit them to work. I think that student should not work because he will work after University, he will work all his life.

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9 Polina  
Nowadays, parents of students felt that their чилдрен should not combine study with work. Adults think that to work, the child will be given a little time to study. I do not agree with this opinion.
Firstly, the main advantage of combining study and work is that it allows the student to support themselves financially. Secondly, it is important and what is experience. Therdly, it is a good school of life contributes to the development of responsibility and independence. Fourthly, can help parents.
On the other hand the work may adversely affect the student. Firstly, there is little time stay to study, hence insufficient grade of knowledge. Secondly, the load is injurious to health.
I believe that the work helps to get used to independent living.
Concluding,can say that the combination of study and work more positive effect on the student, rather than the negative.

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8 Svetlana  
Some parents think that university students should not work during term-time as it can affect their academic performance. I think this is rather disputable issue. But as for me, I absolutely agree with above mentioned statement : I`d prefer to cuncentrabe on my study. I can provide arguments as for as against this issue.
And I can prove my point of view. First of all, a student , who works during term-time , has little time for study , for doing homework . He misses classes. It can lead to some study and exams problems . Moreover it also may lead to conflicts with his teacher. He is constantly under stress because of the intensive time-table. He has less time for friends, rest, leisure .
But there are some people who think differently . They are sure the earlier a young person starts to work the quicker he becomes more independent . He always has pocket money and he doesn`t need to demand it from parents. He knows money`s worth and can spend it in a responsible way. Moreover by working and doing the various himself , a student can gain practical experience , and he will have more career opportunities in future.
I want to say , that a student should size up his own strength and decide whether he can study and work simultaneously. And if he is not sure in it , he won`t have to risk. But it should be his decision . Parents can advise , but they shouldn`t make a decision instead of him.

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7 Семеновская  
Nowadays some parents feel that students do not have to combine work and study. They think that work interferes university studies.
First, students need to have time to do your homework to get good grades. Work takes a lot of energy and effort. Students bad homework and may be expelled. Second, they must have the free time for walks and recreation. Students should spend their free time with family and friends. Then they can learn better, and after getting a good job in their profession. Third, students can very tired, not enough sleep and not to go to university.
On the other hand, it helps the students to take part than his spare time. Work can bring students enjoy. Also, working while studying helps students earn money they can spend on themselves. Moreover, students can realize themselves and to try as hard to work with. This will help them to acquire the necessary skills and experience.
In conclusion, I would like to add that the students still need to learn and not be distracted at work because they can get tired. The main study well at university and then in the future, students can get a prestigious job.

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6 Tony  
I think that to work to the student or not depends on him. And from personal opportunities. Someone doesn't need to work because parents give money of. Poor parents and therefore they are stimulated to work for someone.
I consider that it is necessary to work. Because pocket money still prevented nobody. Money never will be superfluous. They can be spent for different things. To indulge itself.
But operation can distract from study. It takes all free time. The student could spend this time for study. It badly affects progress and knowledge. As the day regimen is broken.
Operation made of a monkey of the person. It is necessary for all. Money will be always necessary to people. In case of the correct creation of the diagram operation won't hinder study

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5 Gw@n  
Nowadays, some parents guess that university student should not have job, because their performance is reduced. Others believe that it makes us more responsible.
In my opinion, everything must be consistent. That is why students should not work during term-time. Firstly, they have to concentrate on their studies. There are cases when they started to work throwing their training. Secondly, most of the parents can pay for tuition and living their children. In such case, students do not have to work simply. Thirdly, it is waste of time and health when you earn additionally. Young people are often seriously ill. They have a nerve disorder from an early age.
On the other hand, there are families who can not afford paid education. In such case, students are forced to earn for their better live in the future. Also some students do not want their parents to pay for education. Moreover they think that job is a good chance to show parents their responsibility and independence.
But still the most important thing for university students is their learning. Only a diploma of higher education will have a decent job and position there.
In conclusion, I would like to tell you that we live in the world where higher education is necessary a lot. That is why we can not be distracted by anything or anyone.

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4 yulya  
The most believe that working part-time has a lot of benefits. Others argue that students should not work part-time, because their main duty is studying. I suggest paying a special attention to this problem.

I personally think, that teens should not do part-time job during the semester, but during summer or winter vacations, I consider it is a fine way. Firstly, having money from working part-time lets them to provide themselves every day basic needs, such as: buying a book, entertainments with friends, even taking a long holiday without financially depending on their family.

Secondly, they can learn more new knowledge that cannot be acquired from textbooks. Their experience will create a strong impression for the employer. More over, they can make a lot of new friends.

Some teens have too much free time and do not know how to spend it. I am afraid of, that they will do something terrible. For example: taking drugs. Therefore, the part-time job will strongly reduce their energy and possibility for doing something bad.

To sum up, I suppose that those who can receive a financial support from their relatives should not work part-time when they are still studying. It will better for them to concentrate on studying. But for those who have a lack of money, should find a harmony between studying and earning money.

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