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Essay "for" and " "against"

Comment on the following opinions

Tourism is booming nowadays. However, tourists do a lot of harm to the environment and they should not be allowed to some historical places and places of natural beauty.

Use the guideline:

  • state to what extent you agree or disagree with this opinion
  • present your arguments "for"
  • present your arguments "against"
  • write your conclusion

Write 200 - 250 words

Enter EXAMS, choose "writing an essay" and look through the files. You'll find all necessary information for writing an essay perfectly.

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18 Анютик  
Tourism is now quite popular. More and more people go abroad not only for business trip, but for holiday. However, tourists cause irreparable harm to the environment.
On the one hand tourism is good, because people learn more about the world and gain useful things for themselves. They meet new people, make friends, communicate and improve their languages. Also tourism helps to take a break from everyday life. When people travel, it relaxes. In addition, tourism is the main source of income for many countries.
On the other hand tourism makes people less hardworking and patriotic. People forget about culture and the places of interests in their native country. It is horrible! Also, tourists pollute the environment. They do not think about the future, litter everywhere, spoiling the monuments of architecture.
In my view tourism is good. It is so interesting but we must not forget our country.

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17 Lilica  
Tourism is very popular now. Many people do it every day. Some of them destroy some historical places and places of natural beauty. I think it should not be allowed to visit some points of interest for tourists.

Firstly i should say that tourists can destroy some the ancient monuments. People want touch and they are not cautious. Secondly tourists pollute the environment. They harm forest, parks, conservancy areas. Thirdly tourists can outrage historical monument and local residents would be cut up rough. This is the cause of ethnic hatred.

On other hand people need tourism. When people do it they rest. More-over tourism produce a lot of profit. It replenish budget a lot of countries. Do tourism, people learn a lot of new.

In conclusion I should say that people need tourism but same points of interest needs to constraint of visit.

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16 Shady  
Tourism is booming nowadays. However, tourists do a lot of harm to the environment and they should not be allowed to visit some historical places and places of natural beauty. I disagree with this opinion.
On the one hand this is the real problem because the tourists contaminate points of interest. They don't understand that it's destroys nature and beautiful historic sites. Moreover there are many vandals who want to just destroy the most beautiful historic sites. All this is sad and gives right to limit tourist's travel.
On the other hand many people want to see historical places because they want get out of the house, visit interesting places, to look at the world. Of course such tourists may visit all point to interest.
To conclude, I think that tourism must develop and some people should not interfere this. tongue

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15 VickyVictory  
Nowadays tourism is becoming more popular. This is especially important for people from the big cities, the so-called mega-cities ,which in addition to his work can't see anything. There is an opinion that some of the places we have to close from visiting tourists. I think that this is not correct. Of course many tourists bring great harm.
First of all they scare the animals loud sounds or flashes of cameras. Secondly, many tourists throw trash on the ground, which contributes to the pollution of the environment. Thirdly many tourist destroy monuments of culture. On the other hand, tourism is a good way to relax and forget about the problems. As tourism is a way to learn a lot of new about this or that culture. In the third tourism is very profitable from the economic point of view.
In conclusion, I would like to say that despite the negative sides of tourism should not restrict the access of tourists to the cultural monuments and to try to regulate the behavior of the tourists.

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14 Nastasya  
Nowaday tourism is very popular among people all over the world. But sometimes people travel and unintentionally harm important historic sites and natural beauty. So, it is necessary to restrict visits to some historical and cultural places for tourists. I definitely agree with this opinion.
Firstly, while traveling people can destroy the ancient monuments. People want to touch and closer look at the monument, but they are not careful and can destroy the monument. Secondly, tourists disturb nature. They have bonfires in the wrong places and leave the garbage. Thirdly, there are people who have a negative attitude to some cultural monument.There are many cases of vandalism, when the tourists were doing harm the monuments of art.
On the other hand, people in need of tourism. First, because tourism helps to take a break from everyday life. People traveling to and relax after a hard work. Secondly, travel enrich the human mind. Tourists during travel can learn many new and interesting. In addition, people who are traveling making new friends from other countries. So tourism helps to improve our country's relations with other countries.
In conclusion, I want to say that tourism is necessary for people. But in order to preserve some monuments of culture, it is necessary prohibit their visit.

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13 armianochka  
Nowadays tourism became popular and opportunity pastimes. When people travel they take a lot of new information about countries and their culture, beautiful cities, same interesting sings about different religions, monument this sings make people more erudite ,modern and more educated. Countries which use tourism like a state busies had a big profit from it. Many people work in tourism busies. They earn enough money to consider their family .Tourism came help people to spent their time with great pleasure and wen their come home people always feel good and that’s why their working capacity grows.
But also tourism has got a lot of bad, negative sides. For example, tourism has a big influence on environmental .Also it brings harm to animals. People always pollute place of rest and don’t sings about future of this beautiful places. Suddenly it becomes a files international problem .
As the conclusion I think that from traveling people get a lot of good emotion. Tourist mast not bring harm historical monument because it’s a part of our history.

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12 Username  
Nowadays tourism is very popular all over the world. But many people who often travel around the world usually don’t think about safety of nature. And that’s why they shouldn’t have a permission to visit some historical places and places of natural beauty. So I think it’s a right way of protection the environment.
Firstly, a lot of tourists spoil the environment. They leave trash everywhere they are. Secondly, most people who like travelling can damage or even destroy some monuments of historical legacy. Often they don’t realize it. Thirdly, large crowds of tourists visiting a zoo may disturb a way of life of animals. So these people do harm to animals.
On the other hand, travelling all over the world helps evolve intellectual development. It makes people cleverer. Moreover, tourists usually have many friends in other countries. These people become friendly and communicative. Also, tourism is the main source of income for many countries. So without it they will die.
In conclusion, I would like to say that it will be better if some restrictions will be created by government of some countries. But tourism is very popular in the twenty-first century. And I think that, many people can’t imagine their life without travelling.

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11 Tania  
Tourism is booming nowadays. However tourists do a lot of harm the environment and they should not be allowed to some historical places and places of natural beauty. I partially agree with this opinion.
Nowadays a lot of people like to travel, especially, by car it is fast, comfortable, helps them to save plenty of time and they can stop where are they want. On the other hand traveling by car is bad for ecology and heath. Cars make the air foul and destroy the ozone layer protecting the Earth from the dangerous rays of the sun. Besides a lot of tourists can damage the places of natural beauty. Some of them pollute drinking water, pick up rare flowers and disturb wild animals. They often buy souvenirs made from the skin of endangered animals or leaves of rare plants and scare away animals. They also pollute nature rubbish: paper, bottles, packing ets.
However people should travel because traveling improve their knowledge of history and geography and make their lives interesting and eventful. People travel within their country or abroad to enjoy sightseeing, to discover new things, to meet interesting people.
To sum up, I think that traveling gives people an opportunity to rest physically and morally and to get wonderful impressions. But if people want to lean more about the world around they should take care of the environment, stop to pollute and they must always remember that the earth is their home.

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10 Gw@n  
Nowadays tourism is becoming more popular because all people need it. However, many people who visit some historical and beautiful places do a lot of terrible things to the environment and they should not be allowed to do it. As for me, I can't say for sure that I agree with the statement.
Firstly, tourists contaminate and spoil the environment. For example, people who visit some beautiful places to leave waste and some things there. Secondly, some historical places and places of natural beauty are attended uncultured and rude people who pull down everything. For example, it may be vandals which destroy the monuments or the museums. They do not appreciate of these beautiful places.
On the other hand, tourism is a good opportunity to rest and relax. We know people who go abroad to take a break after long working days every year. Also tourism brings a large income to country's budget. It is a very cost effective for all countries. Moreover tourism develops relationships between different countries. There are cases when a country approached by tourism.
In conclusion, tourism is essential for people and for the countries.

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9 _strekoza_  
Everybody knows that tourism is becoming more and more popular nowadays. No wonder, people need it indeed. But despite all the advantages it may be harmful for the environment and historical places. Some people think that tourism shouldn’t be allowed to some places those are important for history and places of natural beauty. As for me, I can’t say for sure that I agree with the statement.
On the one hand, tourists can’t be allowed to some places for the following reasons. First of all they can damage or even destroy some very important artifacts. We know a lot of cases when monuments were spoilt by tourists. Secondly, travelling people may pollute and poison the environment by wastes. People must protect their planet from such things, but they only go on doing harm.
On the other hand, tourism has become so popular with people of all ages, that they can’t imagine their lives without it. By the way, tourism is useful, for example, for rest. Going to the seaside is the best way to arrange the holiday. Besides, if a person goes abroad he is sure to broaden his outlook. Thus people really need tourism.
Summing up I’d like to say, that though tourism has both advantages and disadvantages, the former are more powerful. People can be tourists but they must be responsible and careful.

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