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Main » 2013 » February » 18 » Personal Letter
Personal Letter

Personal Letter

You've received a letter from your English-speaking friend Tony. Write him a letter and

  • answer his questions
  • wish him a happy birthday and ask him two questions about his birthday party

... I've got some exciting news. You know that I turned seventeen last week and my parents gave me a present which surprised me a bit. They must have forgotten that I'm a grown up already, and my interests have changed since I was ten. Guess, what they gave me. A puppy! A cute little Labrador. I would be on cloud nine if I were ten. But now I don't know what to do with this nice little thing. Do you have any idea how to take care of puppies? Have you or your friends ever had any? What should I feed it with? Should I train it if I don't want it to bark at people?...

Write 100-140 words

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8 Семеновская  
Dear Tony, 
Thanks for your letter. I am very glad that you wrote to me.I really should have written sooner, but I was very busy with my homework. In your letter you toldme about the puppy. Unfortunately, I havenever had a puppy. I think you should read some books about animals, about how
to care for them. I talked about it withmy sister. She advised to look for information on the Internet at a special
forum where people give advice on how to raise pets. I think it will help you learn how to feed thepuppy and teach essential skills. I'm sorry, I forgot to wish you Happy
Birthday. I hope your party was fun. What gave you parents? Whom you invited to theparty? Unfortunately, I have finish writing, because I have to help my parents.
Write me back soon. 
Best wishes, 

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7 =ANY=  


Dear Tony, 

Thanks for your letter. I must apologize for not writing, because I was very busy. 

You have got a cool present! But I'm not sure that I can help you because I have never had a dog. Unfortunately, none of my friends haven't a dog too. I only know that you should feed your puppy with special feed, for example, Chappi and Pedigree. As for training, I think that you should, especially if you have Labrador. 
By the way, I have forgotten to tell you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". I wish you realization of all your desires! Tell me about your birthday party. How did you celebrate your birthday? What gifts have you got else? 

Unfortunately, I have to finish my letter, because mum called me. I’ll write again soon 



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6 Username  
Hi, Tony!
I’m sorry I
haven’t written for so long, but I’m very glad to receive your letter.
Actually I
have never had a dog or any other animal as a pet. But some of my friends have
dogs. So I think that you should walk with your new pet several times a day. As
for feeding, many dogs eat the same food as their owners. So it won’t be a
problem. I’m sure you should train your pet.
By the way,
I wish you happy birthday. When is your birthday party taking place? How many
people are going to invite?
Sorry, but
my mother needs my help. Our flat looks like a warehouse of dust and I have to
clean my room. I hope to receive a new letter from you.

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5 yulya  
dear tony,
I am so glad that you wrote to me!
I have a long time to write you an answer, because I had a lot of urgent matters.
With great joy I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you success and happiness in the future. I am pleased with you, now that you have a puppy. But unfortunately I can not tell how his coach, because I know there was such a puppy. what else do you get presents on your birthday? what else is new has happened with you?
sorry, i have a go for homework for tomorrow, I will have a reference work, with great joy and impatience will wait for a response from you.

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4 Катя Фроловская  


Dear Tony, 
Thank you for your letter. Sorry for not writting to you for so long.
Firstly, I want to congratulate you on your birthday.I wish you happiness, health and success in school and with your dog. I hope all went well and you enjoyed the day. I'm right?
I also dream to have my dog. I'm sure that this is a great happiness for you to have a dog.
Caring for a dog is a very complex thing, but I am confident that you can handle. You have to read books about how to care for dogs. I'm sure that there are a lot of useful information for you. I've never had a dog, but my friends had a dog. I think that your morning and evening walks with the dog will be very interesting. You also can join the club dogkeepers  where you can be told how to  care for them properly. The most important thing is that you have to surround him with care and attention. I'm sure you'll be have a good time and you'll be true friends. It is a great pleasure to have a dog. I'm very happy for you.
Did you like your birthday? Who came to the birthday party? What gifts would you like to get for your next birthday? 
I'm sorry, I must go. Waiting for a letter from you again. 
With best wishes,

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3 elya_ginger  

Dear Tony,
Thanks for your letter. I am very glad that you wrote to me. I really should have written sooner, but I was very busy with my research work.
You asked about the care of a puppy. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do it. I think you can find information about it on the Internet. I talked with my friends about it, but they also don't face this promblem because they never had a pupy. I think if you read special books about dogs, you can find out what to feed a puppy. I believe that the dog should be trained. It will help to make it more disciplined.
I'm sorry, I forgot to wish you Happy Birthday. I hope your party was fun. Birthday party was home or not? Who was invited?
Unfortunately, I have finish writing, because I have to help my mother.
Write me back soon.
Best wishes,

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2 Gw@n  


Dear Tony,
Thank you for your letter. Sorry, I haven't written you for so long. I was so busy with my studies.  
Well, I congratulate you on your birthday. I wish you happiness and love. As for me, it's great that your present is a puppy.  Don't be afraid of caring of it. You see, I've got a dog too. That's why I can help you with it. First of all, you should teach your dog to eat porridges and train it from puppyhood. It's really important. 
By the way, I have some questions about your birthday party. How many friends were invited? You celebrated your birthday at home, did't you?
That's probably all I wanted to ask you. I've got to go now! Too much problem to solve. Drop me a line. 
Best wishes,

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1 Svetlana  
Hi, Tony!
Thanks for your letter. I understand your confusion. I agree that your present is rather surprising. I hardly know what to do with puppies, because I’ve never had dogs. But one of my friends has a little puppy. As far as know puppies require a special care. They’re like children. My friend says you’ll have to take it for a walk several times a day, to play with it a lot, and to bath it. Don’t feed it with candies or chocolate. You should feed it with healthy food. And of course, if you don’t want it to bark at people or bite someone, you should start training right now. I’m sure you’ll cope with it.
By the way, I congratulate you on the past birthday and wish you happiness and success. Tell me please about you birthday party. How many friends were invited? What did they present you?
I have to go now. I’ll wait for your replay.
Lots of love,

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