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Main » 2011 » December » 12 » Informal Letters (answer your friend's letter)
Informal Letters (answer your friend's letter)

Hi __________!

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote. I went to Vietnam in February and March (my sister is teaching English there), and it was amazing. Down south it's really hot, about 35-36 degrees Celsieus each day. I boiled up every day and had to lie down at midday. Everybody else was cool, because their bodies had adapted to living in a hot climate. I felt a warm breeze through the door of my sister's apartment and she said that it was a chilly wind!

I love the photos of your winter! Your snow is beautiful! I can see why you're sad that winter is over. What kind of weather are you having now? I was thinking of doing a tour of Europe maybe next year, and I'll come and see you in Russia. What's the best season for me to come?

Is your studying going well? I hope so. I have to get back to class. Best wishes, and good luck with everything.

Read your friend's letter and write her back. Answer all her questions.  Ask 3 questions about her sister. You should write 100-140 words.

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Thank you for your letter.I wish you will visit Russia. I think that the best season for you will be a vinter. because it is not very beautiful.
It is winter now. It is cold. we have to wear warm dress. But when it is snowing it is very fun! we play snowball.Russia is well-known for a frost. It is necessary to take warm things. Don't forget gloves and a scarf.Frosts happen to-40. It is possible to skate. i like To skatе it is very fun.
Does you sister like to live in Vietnam? Were is she works? What temperature in Vietnam in winter?
I have to go now.
All the best.


Hello, Lucy!

Thank you for your letter. It is wonderful that you are going to visit Russia. I think that the most beautiful time of the year is winter. Most recently, it was terrible weather: cold, puddles, strong wind. So I advise to you to visit Russia in January, when it will be a real winter weather.
You said that your sister is a teacher of English in Vietnam. Tell us, please, how old is she?How long she had been teaching there?What are her impressions of the teaching there?
I'm sorry,but I must go. I am looking forward to your response.
Best wishes,


Dear Tess,
Many thanks for your letter; I was really happy to hear from you. I’m glad that you enjoyed your journey.
As for Russian, recently we’ve been having such an unpleasant weather. There was a lot of water on the ground, and during the night the water freezes and becomes an ice. But during the day it warms and becomes the water again. But today we had a lot of snow and now my town looks really great! If you want to come to Russia, to my mind, the best time is summer or late spring or early autumn. As for my studying results, they are not brilliant, but they are also not awfully low. And what about your progress at school? I also hope it’s good as usual. Before I forger, Tess, you haven’t told me that your sister is an English teacher. How long does she work as a teacher? What’s her special subject? What age are the children, whom she teaches?
Sorry, Tess, I have to go to my classes.
Best regards.

Hi, Elizabeth!
Thank you for your letter! I`m very glad that you want to see Russia. It is not so cold nowdais the temperature is above zero degress.It is like early spring/Sometimes even sun is chining. I thinf that the best time to arrive here is summer , because the weather will be very nice.We would spend a lot of time in the open air.I would show you my town. And about my studying. All is alright. I try to get only good murks. How is your sister? Why you sister became a theaching of English? Why does she live in Vietham?
I look forward your answer.
Best wishes,


Hi, Anne!
Thank you for your recent letter. I was really pleased to hear that you're going to do a tour of Europe and we'll be able to see each other again.
We now have a terrible weather. Outside the window, rainy and cold weather. All week, pouring rain. As for me, I think you'd better come in the middle of winter, because we have the most beautiful winter in January. What name is your sister? How old is she? How is she?
Well, that is all for now. I look forward to your reply soon.
All the best.

Dear Mary,
Thanks for your letter. I am so pleased to hear you are going to visit Russia. I would advise you to wait until the next winter, as it will be cold and snowy, as you like it. Now we are having bad weather, a lot of rain, and few sunny days, though it is still warm, so I would really prefer winter.
As for my studies, everything is going well. I am fond of my English classes as we learn many interesting things every day.
By the way, you said your sister teaches English in Vietnam. I wish I was as good at English as she is. How long has she been teaching? Does she teach at school? Has she ever been to English-speaking countries? I am looking forward to getting to know her better!
Anyway, I have to go now. I hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,
Helen smile

Hi, Anne!

It was busy and could not answer your letter. I'm sorry. Now there is free time and I decided to write you a letter. Your trip to Europe is great! I've never been there, but really want to visit it. I would be very glad to see you in Russia. We have very good weather. Unfortunately we have a little snow now. The outdoor temperature is warm. I think you should go to Russia in the winter. Because you love the snow. I also love it. My learning is going well. I would love to come to your town. What is the name your sister? She will go with you to Europe? How old is she?
Unfortunately calls me daddy. I must go help him. Waiting for a new letter from you.

Best wishes

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