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Informal Letter

Informal Letter

Read your friend's letter and answer it. Find out more details about Emma's brother and his family.

Hi, ___________!

We've moved. It's a nice place to live, I have already been to my nwe school, so I am not worrying any more. I'm sorry I have taken so long to reply to your last message. My little brain overloads too easily, sorry.

It's amazing to think that a year ago we studied together in a language school in Malta. Life has changed so much since then. My brother had a new son two weeks ago. It's his first one so we're all very excited. Unfortunately, I won't see the baby for a long time because he lives in Japan. It's sad but that is life sometimes.

I hope you are going well at school. I'm sure you are.

Talk soon,


Write at least 150 words.

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Hi, Emma!
Many thanks for your letter. I am very glad to receive your letter. I seriously missed you all last year. I am sad about the fact that you so long to respond to my letter. Education in Malta is one of the highlights of my life! It is sad that learning lasted only a year. Of course life has changed since then.
I am glad for your brother. It's great that he had a new son. But why did you ever not tell me much about her? Where exactly does he live in Japan? What is his profession? Incidentally, what is the name of the child?
I'm sorry, but right now I need to go cook dinner.
I'm so excited about the news! I will wait impatiently for your answer.
Best wishes,

Hello, Emma!
There is nothing terrible in that that you didn't write long time, I understood you. I am very happy for your family and for you. I congratulate you with boring of your nephew and with successful moving.

In your letter it is written that you love the school. that's wonderful. I too love the school and a class. It is cheerful.

I'm ok. I study and go in for sports. Recently benefited the city championship. I am very glad to it.
Badly that we didn't see long ago. I miss you.

How called the brother? Why they live in Japan? When you will see it? You have his photo?

Best wishes,


Hi, Emma!
Don't worry that you haven't written for a long time, I understand you very well. Great news! I am happy for you and your family very much. I congratulate you with moving and borning nephew! It is great that you like your school.
As for me, I am good. I study at school, but I often tire after school. I go to school 6 days a week! This year my class changed, because I am in 10th grade. I like my new class.
I am so sad that we have not seen so long. I miss you. Our studying in a language school in Malta was very happy time in my life!
What is your brother's name? Send me a photo of the baby when you have it, please. Why does your brother live in Japan? How long is he going to live there? Do you have friends ? Tell me more about your life.

Best wishes,


Hi, Dear Emma!
Thank you for the letter. Еxcuse that long couldn't answer your letter. Really, passed so not enough time after our last meeting, and in life changed so much. I am very glad for your brother. Children are always big pleasure. How called the kid?
And why your brother lives now in Japan? I hope, at you it will turn out to meet the child soon. Japan very interesting country, at it fascinating culture and language in my opinion. As there quite kind people. I hope, the family of your brother perfectly feels in this country.
I miss you. It would be very glad if you arrived to stay for a while to me on vacation.
Tell, how you had relations at new school? You like to study there? By the way, we had a repair at school. Some classes changed very strongly.
Transfer greetings to the parents and the brother. I wait for your answer.
Best wishes,

Hello, Emma!
I'm very happy to hear from you! Sorry for haven't been in contact for so long. Great news about your brother's son birth! How do you like your new home? And what about your new school? Do you like to study there? As for me, I'm still doing rather well at my school, and I hope, that moving to a new place didn't influence your progress at school. And what about your brother? As I remember, he used to work as a programist. Did he had to change his work? Oh, and did you make a decision, how to name the newborn? Tell me please, what name did you give to your nephew? Thanks very much for your answer
All the best,

Dear Emma,
Thanks for your letter. It was so nice to get news about you and your family. I am sorry I have not answered earlier but I was really busy with my schoolwork. I am so happy for your brother! First baby is very important.
You know, I often recall the days when we studied together. I understand that it was the best time in my life. As for me, I have got great news: our class is going to Saint Petersburg next week. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We will spend seven days there. I hope we will see many sights of the city.
I would like to ask some question. What is nephew’s name? Do you have friends in your new school? How does your new school look?
Well, I would better go now as I have to do my homework.
With best wishes,


Dear Emma,
Many thanks for your letter. I was really happy to hear from you.
I can’t believe we haven’t seen for already a year! I still remember every single day of our studying.
I’m happy for your brother indeed. Why haven’t you ever told me about his family? The news about the baby gave me a great shock! By the way, what name is your brother going to give his child? You know, it’s a pity that you won’t be able to see your nephew, I think you are curious. But why does your brother live so far from you?
I’m so excited about the news! Please answer as soon as possible!
Pass on my greetings to the baby smile
Best regards.

Hi, Emma!
Many thanks for your letter; I was really happy to hear from you. I'm sorry that not written to you for so long. I am glad that you like your new home. Also I'm very happy for you and your brother. Children it is a great happiness! I hope you will soon visit Japan to see the baby. Send me a photo of the your nephew when you have it, please. I often remember this time when we studied together in a language school in Malta. I'd like to meet again. Tell me more about your life: about the new school, about the new friends… What is baby name? Why do they moved to Japan?
Best wishes,

Hi, Dear Emma!
I'm thankful for your letter. I'm sorry for not writing you a long time. I was a little busy. I'm very happy for you and your brother's family. Children it is always great! Congratulate on the birth of his brother's first child. I think you'll be a good aunt. I hope you will soon visit Japan. Please send me a photo of your nephew. I'll be very glad to see him at least a photo. I hope that you and your brother's family everything is good. I often remember our year in Malta. It was a wonderful time. I'd like to meet again. Do you have pictures from Malta? Sadly, I lost my pictures.
How do you cope with the move? I also moved. This is quite heavily. Tell me more about the new school, about the new friends, please.
See you soon,

Hi, Emma!
I'm glad to see your letter. You really haven't written for a long time but I don't worry.
I missed you a lot. May you think that we have not seen a whole year! I think about you every day and always start to cry. You know that I'm vulnerable and emotional. I missed the lessons that we have spent together. Our friendship will be eternal. By the way, my knowledge of a foreign language are considerably improved since then. I plan to fly to Ireland for my uncle to practice my language skills.
Also I'm very happy for you and your brother. Children are the most important thing in life of every family. How do you call a baby? Why do they moved to Japan? When will you meet again?
Well, that's all for now.

Best wishes,


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