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Main » 2012 » January » 19 » Family or Career ("for" and "against" essay)
Family or Career ("for" and "against" essay)

Family or Career

Essay "for" and " "against"

Comment on the following opinions

Many people are sure that career is the most important thing: if your career is successful you are happy in your life.

Use the guideline:

  • state to what extent you agree or disagree with this opinion
  • present your arguments "for"
  • present your arguments "against"
  • write your conclusion

Write 200 - 250 words

Enter EXAMS, choose "writing an essay" and look through the files. You'll find all necessary information for writing an essay perfectly.

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19 Tony  
Everybody has a father.So let`s think how does our father feed up us)For instance, my father works every day and he does his responsibility.
It doesn`t mean that he is not good in child`s bringing up.Every day when he came home he asks me about my study and about my problems. However every weekend we spend our day together.I think it is enough him.
When I will have a child(Of course I will have a child)I will be happy if he lives in good life condition.Summary I wanna say that if we are able to do both of them we are one of the most happiest father in the world.
I`m sorry for my grammar mistakes.I`m sure I made some mistakes))

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18 Nastasya  
Nowaday, many people believe that a career is the most important thing in life. When a person is successful in his career, he is happy in life. I completely agree with this statement. If a person is able to achieve success in their work, he can create a happy family.
Firstly, a successful career brings a lot of money. When a person has sufficient means of subsistence, he can buy clothes, food, medicines. Money is vital for the people.They help people buy the necessary things. Secondly, successful work gives a person a good status in society. People want to have a high position in society, because then they feel good about yourself. Thirdly, career gives a person a sense of freedom. People who earn money themselves, they do not depend on anyone. They build a life on your own.
On the other hand, people with a successful career are often lonely. Because they are so fond of the work that they forget about all. In addition, sometimes a successful career doing makes people rude and uncaring. Some people are starting to command his relatives as employees of the firm. And most importantly, the people, carried away a career tend to forget that they have not created a family. In my opinion, it is important to bear children who will support in old age.
In conclusion: many men, many minds. Therefore, opinions on the subject will always be different. In my opinion, the career thing in life because it gives confidence in the future.

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17 _strekoza_  
Nowadays many people believe that having successful career is the best thing in everybody’s life. But is it really the most important thing? I don’t think so. To my mind the best way is to combine your career and private life.
However, the people, who pay a lot of attention to their careers, are right to some extent. First of all, having good career means having good salary. Nobody wants to have a low paid job. Secondly, people must get a good job to consider themselves to be successful. It’s really important to understand, that you have earned something. In addition, it’s great to feel an independence of anybody, if you earn enough money on your own.
In any case having good salary doesn’t mean happiness. You mustn’t forget that the most important part of adult’s life is their family. Because even if you earn a lot of money but you don’t have anybody to spend it on, all your efforts to get money are in vain. Besides, if you don’t have anybody to talk to, you feel so lonely! That’s really unpleasant life. I’d like to add, that the aim of everybody’s life is to leave descendants and not to make money.
Thus the discussion of this question is still opened. As for me, I think that everybody must to combine in their lives their families and their careers.

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16 Gw@n  
Nowadays the most of people believe that successful career is the best thing in their life. It is really important for them. I completely agree with this statement. I guess that everyone should be realized in their life and then start a family.
Firstly, it is important, because if you have a cool job you have material wealth - money, which are necessary for every human life. For example, money is necessary for life because they can buy food, clothing or some kind of equipment which people need. It allows to live. Secondly, money is limitless possibilities. It means that the secured person can afford to sail on your own yacht around the world. It is a unique opportunity and it allows to live with joy. Thirdly, it is necessary for social status. For example, if you are a successful person and have a wonderful job you have the respect.
On the other hand, having much money and being successful doesn't mean happiness. You are becoming a robot eventually. Moreover, you lose the feeling. For example, of such feelings as love and friendship, which are so necessary for life. It is so hard to build a great career if you have not got a support from your family. Also it is scary and painful to live alone and to grow old without seeing their grandchildren in the end. It is just awful.
Finally, I want to tell you all still need to have a certain status and career at the beginning and then start a family.

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15 VickyVictory  
In the modern world is very relevant question: "What is more important: career? the family? friends?". Many people are choosing career between career and family. Why? Just in the modern world many people equated material well-being to happiness. But if I were to make this difficult choices, I would have chosen the family because family is the most important thing that a person can have, the family - these are the people who always give you care and love.
Certainly a career is very important in our day. A good reputation and high social status, a successful career and so much money... In the modern days, money solves all and so many people try to make a career and forget about the family, relatives people. "Who wants a lot, that much is missing," said the Roman poet Publily Cyr. Do not forget about the family, about friends... Only they can give you love and care. Only they will support in difficult times. Only they be close at all times. Many successful careerists, rich, successful people are very unhappy because apart from money and careers they have nothing.
Of course career means a lot in our lives, and if you will successful then you will be proud of yourself. But this is only small part of happiness. We must not forget that career is not the most important thing in life and it does not make people happy.

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14 Tania  
Nowadays, the problem of choice between of a family and a career is very actual. Some people choose only a career.Some of them try to combine and a career and family. No doubt it is very difficult to make a choice .
On the one hand, the life in our modern world is impossible without enough money. If you have a good career you have high social status, respect in society and many interesting familiar persons. You also have pleasure and health. You can meet new friends and collegues.
On the other hand, "Family it is crystal society" - said french writer Victor Gugo. Having much money and being successful doesn't mean happiness. Many busy people who spend all the time at work are usually very lonely or at least they have problems and misunderstanding in their family. More than that, such people who concentrate on their career forget about other people's feelings, become callous, for example, film " THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA" . It stars Anne Hathaway as Andrea Sachs, a recent college graduate, and demanding fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly , played by Meryl Streep,the icy editor. In the end, Andrea learns that life is made of choices: between a career and love.
In conclusion I can say that family is the most important thing. The family makes us happy.

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13 lady  
When people become older, a question appears in their life: what is more important, career, or family. Of course, both of these things are important, but some people prefer one of them to the other. From my point of view, family is the one of the most important things of the hole human's life. But some people prefer making their career to their family. Telling the truth, I don't like such people, because they are selfish, they are usually trying to make progress in their work only because of their ambitions and wishes. Of course, career is important for us to realise, but we mustn't forget about our family. Of course, I don't say, that we need to forget about our work, nowadays having a good career may be useful for your family too, relatives can be proud of you, you can help them financially, you'll need a good job to provide your children, and so on. So, I think, we shall find "the golden middle" between family and career, but, of course. it depends on situation.

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12 Анютик  
Nowadays many people think that career is the most important in the world. They think that career is more important than even family.
I don't agree with this opinion. Firstly, good work and a lot of money at all doesn't mean that the person is happy. In the secondly, on work people are very tired and at them health spoils. Thirdly, on career building demands a lot of time and it makes difficult to spend time with a family and it leads to quarrels with relatives.
But, on the other hand, before you create your family you must have a stable financial position. Good career is a good salary. And money in the modern world is very important. Than above the salary is better living conditions of the person.
In conclusion, I want to tell that I think that a family more important than career. Relatives always will be there, always understand and will support in difficult situation. And career, of course, plays an important role in our life but it never will replace family happiness.

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11 elya_ginger  
Nowadays many people are sure that career is the most important thing in life. They prefer a career to family. Every day these people are becoming more and more. Family takes a back seat or non-existent.
On the one hand, career could be in first place in the priority list. Good job - it is good money. In modern life, money plays an important role. Some people work hard to improve their self-esteem.- Man is the boss at work, he manages all.
On the other hand, family - is the most dear people, that you have. How can you prefer to communicating with your child to the meeting in the office? Only the family always will love you. Only family always understand and support you. The family understands you in a time when no one understands. When you are tired, the family is waiting for you at home with dinner.
In conclusion, my opinion that the family is the most important thing in a person's life. Without a family man can not live a full life. I think impossible to be happy without a loving family. Impossible to realize themselves in life without a family. I think people must to value their loved ones.

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10 =ANY=  
In today's world many young people dream about successful and independent life. They choose career because, in their opinion, it is more important than family. They think that they will be happy. I can not say that I agree or disagree with this statement. I am sure that family is very important part of our life, but I think that people should marry and produce children after getting good job, because they must be able to provide their children.
On the one hand, successful career it is big salary. Everyone prefer comfort and luxury, thus successful career is very important. Money in our life is very necessary. Moreover, they do work better than people who do not seek to get a promotion. In addition, people who have successful career think that they are happy, they proud themselves.
On the other hand, having much money doesn’t mean happiness. All people who seek to have successful career are very busy with their work, so the most of them are very lonely. Besides, family it is the most beautiful thing in everybody's life. Family it is love.
Tt seems important to add that family it is the most important thing, but for it man should have a good salary to provide his family.

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