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Main » 2013 » February » 1 » Essay " My Opinion"
Essay " My Opinion"

Essay "My Opinion"

Walking Dogs

Comment on the following:

The number of dogs which are kept in city apartments is constantly increasing. Dogs, unfortunately, often dirty parks, streets and playgrounds with their excrements. More and more people think that dog owners who walk their dogs in inappropriate places and don't clean up after them should be fined or even arrested for that.

Use the guidelines:

- make an introduction (describe the situation)
-  express your personal opinion and give 2-3 reasons for your opinion
- express an opposing opinion and give 1-2 reasons for this opposing opinion
- explain why you don't agree with the opposing opinion
- make a conclusion restating your position

Write 200-250 words

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11 Shady  
Many people complain that dog owners do not look after their pets for a walk and do not pay attention to the fact that they are shitting in the wrong places. People are offering penalize "offenders" or even arrest them.
I think that the arrest is not necessary, but to fine for the troubles caused by the animals need. Although I think that everything is so used to it that nothing will be done.
People should be care of their pets , because other people don't like when they pass near with foul dog or cat. Also, if they are foul on the lawn, private property or public place their owners should be pay.
On the other hand, the owners of the pets may not have time to work, or for some important cases, so they have to walk with their animals closer to home or to the nearest public place. Their, too, can be understood.
I think if I was the owner of the animal that want to walk, I would not paid attention to where I walk with him. In the end we are not that, life is like that.
To sum up, I want to say - if you have got the animal that want to walks, walk it in the right places, or do not take it.


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10 yulya  
Many people believe that walking the dogs in public is dangers.
On the one hand this can really agree. First walking the dogs on the playground is dangerous for children because many owners are walking their pets without a muzzle. Secondly while walking the dog polluting. Third, not every host provides complete security medetsinskogo animal.
On the other hand with this we can not agree. To create special places in which to walk their dogs need bolshivie costs. Not all hosts are respectable, among them there are some who in spite of all the rules and laws of the fines will be to walk their dogs in parks and other public places.
In conclusion it should be noted that there really is a problem with which to borotsya.Method way can be increased fines for the offense.

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9 Gw@n  
Once Charlie Chaplin said, "A dog is the only creature that loves you more than you do". Heaving pets at home is  the most excellent thing on the Earth. But there are some problems with them. Nowadays owners of dogs should walk with their pets several times a day. That is  why we can often see dirty parks, playgrounds and streets. Some persons believe that these people should be punished. 
Personally, I disagree with this opinion. I am a dog owner and I can say that there are a lot of people, who clean up after their dogs. They usually take packets and gloves with them for it. Moreover, there are no special places for walking dogs. That is why punishment of people, who walk with their pets in inappropriate places is unlawful. In addition, we have another problem. There are so many stray dogs that need to watch for. They have not got owners, who will clean up after them. That is why we often can see excrements in the streets. 
However, people, who keep dogs in their apartments must be responsible for them. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” Unfortunately, we have quite a few people, who do it awful. There are persons, who let their dogs go for a walk for the whole day. This is very dangerous, especially for children, who are taken in the mouth everything from the playgrounds. It can lead to serious illness for them. Also there will be many excrements everywhere, when snow melt. 
And yet children can become infected with a lot of other things. For example, from other kids. And the streets have always dirty without dog excrements.
To conclude, it's up to you to decide what kind of thoughts to have got about it. Anyway, people should be responsible for their pets and clean after them.

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8 _strekoza_  
Nowadays thenumber of dogs kept in city apartment has increased indeed. Some people think
that dog owners whose pets dirty parks, playgrounds and streets must be fired
or even arrested.As for me, Idon’t think that in our country the low is going to have enough power to arrest
people for making public places dirty but I’m sure dog owners must be fired for
it.First ofall, the environmental problem is the burning issue of the day in Russia and
rather great role in it is played by animals that dirty the environment with
their excrements. Something has to be done with it. And the money got from
fired people cаn be givento cleaning dirties. Secondly, dog owners should be fired for their pets to get
aware that they are responsible for them.On the otherhand, there are not so many places where people can walk their dogs and paying
a fire for it is not fair at all. Does it mean that having dogs gets owners only
problems and costs? Besides, finding exactly the person whose dog made the
street or the park dirty is almost impossible! Moreover, many people are sure
that the excrements of their dogs won’t make any difference: the parks and
streets are dirty as it is.However,everyone must answer for his own actions, if someone cleans a little part of
the territory it will be cleaner to some extent. After all, having a dog means
a great responsibility including cleaning after it in the street.So, to mymind, people whose dogs dirty public places must be fired.

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7 Tony  
Really, dogs recently became much more. Both vagrant, and manual. But despite it owners of dogs still don't clean after the pets. When snow in the spring descends, there are many excrements. It is very unpleasant and isn't esthetic. All this spoils a surrounding look.
In my opinion all this depends on consciousness of people and education and as on mentality. For example in Europe all clean excrements after the animals.
In Russia it not so. I think that it is necessary to enter the law providing penalties for such violations. Only then owners of dogs will reflect on cleaning of excrements of the animals.

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6 Svetlana  
Nowadays number of people, who keep domestic animals in their flats, is constantly increasing. That’s why a problem of dog’s excrements has appeared. Some people are sure that dog owners, who don’t clean up after their dogs, should be fined or even arrested for that.
I agree with this opinion. Dogs leave their excrements everywhere: on streets, playgrounds, on school and kindergarten territories. It’s awful! I’m sure that government should introduce some punishments for walking dogs in inappropriate places. Also dogs can be aggressive to people, they can hurt them. Kinds of big dogs can scare other people. Moreover, dog’s excrements will be everywhere when spring comes. It’s very unpleasant!
On the other hand, it’s very difficult to organize these punishments. Government must write new laws and create new organizations which will control owners of dogs. Creation of organization is very expensive, people will have to pay higher taxes. 
I don’t think that arguments against punishment of people, who don’t clean up after their pets, are significant. I think that government shouldn’t safe money on this, because we have a right in comfortable life.
In conclusion I want to say that people should walk their dogs only in appropriate places.

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5 =ANY=  
Nowadays many people have an opportunity to keep pets in their city flats. Owners of dogs should walk with their pets several times a day, but they don't care about excrements of their dogs, that's why we can often see dirty parks, playgrounds and streets. Some people guess that these people should be punished with fine and even arrest.
  As for me, I agree with people, who think so. Сertainly, people, who keep dogs in their apartments  must be responsible for their pets. Besides caring of them, owners should be accountable for their actions. It also applies to pollution, which dogs leave after them. Everyone feels distaste when he meets one's excrements on his way, that's why I'm sure that dog's owners must their pets' excrements. Imagine! How many excrements will be everywhere, when snow melt. Moreover, people, who keep dogs should be fined or even arrested, because they don't understand without these sanctions that they must clean up after their pets.
 On the other hand, government hasn't provided citizens with special places for walking dogs, that's why punishment of people, who walk their pets  in inappropriate places can be wrongful. Also special organizations should be organized, which will supervise owners of dogs, fine or and arrest infringers, but because of this our taxes will increase.
Of course, arguments against punishment of dog owners not so serious. Why people clean up after their pets in their flats, but not outside? We have a right to live in clean town and if people pay penalties or be arrested they will use to clean up after their pets and we won't need in such organizations.
 I suppose that everyone would agree with me. It's awful to observe dog's excrements everywhere.

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4 Egortseva  
Nowadays, most of the owners of the dogs walk with their animals in parks, streets and playgrounds, most of them don't clean up after their pets. Some people think that they should be fined for it.
I agree with this opinion.
Firstly, the owners walk their pets at playgrounds, parks and streets. People and a dog may attack per adult or even a child. Secondly, people do not clean your dogs poop and the streets are very dirty.

However, dog owners are just there to walk more with their dogs, so they walk in the streets
surrounded by other people and even children. I think that it is necessary to make special places where owners of dogs can walk their dogs without harm to surrounding people in each area of the cit, laws forsed people to clean up after their dogs and to pay fines or other penalties.

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3 elya_ginger  
At present, many dog owners do not clean upafter their pets in the streets. There is an opinion that such owners it is 
necessary to fine and apply to them other measures of punishment.
I agree with this opinion. Firstly, part of theanimals are walking on the playgrounds, school yards. These people with dogs 
pollute gaming space. Secondly, аny dog can attack a person in places not suitable for walking animals. For example, if the dog is walking on the playground, children can be in the danger 
In conclusion I want to say that it isnecessary to prescribe rules of behavior dogs and their owners in public places. 
If these rules are violated, then the owners will be fined. I think that to solve this problem we need to do in each city a special place for walking animals. Then the dog will not interfere anyone.

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2 armianochka  
Now many families have pets, and in particular dogs. My family not exception. I consider that is necessary to make some platforms for walking of dogs. But only after that already to enter penalties or to call for responsibility. But whole I agree that for preservation of purity and an order of environment it is necessary to enter any measures.
First, when spring is coming it is not so pleasantly to see excrements of animals on the earth.
In – the second, a place for walking of dogs, generally - parks, playgrounds, sandboxes where children play.
In the third some dogs can be aggressive and can frighten people around. Quite often it happens when dogs snatch on people. It is also necessary to think seriously that some on stray dogs who can bring any illness. Foreign countries has a special places for booming dogs and there are penalties for non-compliance with laws are pertinent. I consider, in our country it isn't correct to demand from owners of domestic pets penalties, because firstly town must give for owners that places in with they can walk .

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