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Main » 2012 » November » 5 » Essay "My Opinion"
Essay "My Opinion"

Essay "My Opinion"

Comment on the following statements:

Roles as men and women start when we are born and there will always be male and female jobs in any society.

Use the guidelines:

  • write to what extent you approve or disapprove of the idea
  • present your arguments "for"
  • present your arguments "against"'
  • write your conclusion

Write 200-250 words.

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16 Username  
Nowadays many people have an opinion that there are jobs for men and for women in our society. Other point of view is that professions can’t be divided into male and female ones.
To my way of thinking, there have always been such occupations that can’t be done only by men or women. For example, loader or miner. For these jobs strength and persistence are needed. That’s why you can’t see a female loader. More than that, some professions are considered to be female ones. For instance, I have never seen a male doing this job ever before. It means that men are not good at some kinds of occupations.
On the other hand, women often get the same jobs as men and work hard. In modern society it’s much easier for a woman to get any profession she wants than ever. Moreover, some men take female duties such as cleaning the apartment or taking care of kids. And all these things are considered normal by our community.
However, there are no doubts that men and women are different. So it’s obvious that every sex has its own duties and jobs.
In conclusion, I would like to say that a men and a woman are not the same thing. So they have always had different rights and opportunities and I think we should keep it that way.

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15 Shady  
I don't approve that roles men and women start when they were born. I think that different work may be as at male as at female.

Of course we don't accustomed to male cook or women in the military. We think that this people could found more suitable career for them.
Many people believe that women don't cope with men's work and conversely. That promoted develop stereotypes.
And finally a "incorrect job" could take away from you the respect of his friends and colleagues.

We are living in modern society where division to man or woman seldom. Nowadays this stereotypes that women must be in to the kitchen and man must be fitter, this have become boring and improperly.
Also, if you earn money all the same whom you work, aren't you? People turn a blind eye to the unusual profession, although a man conductor looks really weird.

So, person chooses his profession, and regardless of the stereotypes he must make the right choice. wacko

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14 Полина  
Of course, divided into man and woman professions can only be conditional, as in all professions, there is a certain percentage of women and men.
On the one hand, I think  the correct separation professions by gender. For example, the military, women are not as physically developed as a man, and so in this field   it will be hard work. I also think, that a woman should be most of his life to devote the family, and not to work on the job, which requires a lot of pains.
On the other hand, today women are becoming more economically active, learn new skills, work on equal terms with men. So in today to talk about the division of separation proffesions, strange. For example, I think,that such a profession as a taxi driver, cook, and others, can match to both the woman and the man. Also, in our time, women want to deal not only with economic doings, which is inherent in them, but also activities such as in business.
In conclusion, I want to say that I believe men and women have equal rights and should not have any framework to select professions .

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13 armianochka  
In the modern world the gender policy develops more and more. I consider it correct. Women started to drive the car and work such hard an a men. There a lot of profession with are suitable for men and women to. For example hairdresser or organizer of holidays. Also there are women who proved in policy. Women not to give and sports, in Olympic Games take the first prizes. There a lot of discoveries belong to women.But there are such professions which a only belong to men. For example the plumber or the builder. Women are not so strong as men that whey with professions belong to men.

The main function of women in to have a family and to care children. Unfortunately To have a big due to be successful such a man woman forget their obligation.
In the conclusion, I thing that women and men shouldn’t have any different rights on the work but not in family . In any job the main purpose is the result of the work, but not who did it.


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12 yulya  
Some people believe that there are only male and only female professions. Although there are opponents of this point of view, who believe that society have not to differentiate people according to gender , including situation when we speak about work. There are many works of our contemporaries on this subject

men and women can’t carry out the same work because they have different physical abilities. Most of women are weaker, than men physically , they can’t do heavy physical work. For example, men work on building site or in the factories, because this type of activity requires physical exertion. For example, lifting something heavy can harm woman’s health or her future children’s health But there is opposite opinion about both of men and women have equal natural abilities and can work equally. I think that this point of viewhas a right to exist, of course.
Many organizations struggle for the rights of women around the world. Women have stopped their inferiority in Russia, America, Europe and many other countries because they are oppressed at work. The society knows many examples of successful women who have achieved success, it would seem, in the male professions. There are women who works as an engineer in the factories, women drivers, women mayors, women guards. Secondly, men and women work together in many companies, because companies need have a mixed staff. This increases the capacity for work of the collective and influences on work process only positive.
n conclusion, I would like to say that both points of view are valid and modern society reflects about it. There are people who hold one of them, but there are people who hold of the other. I believe that these opinions both are valid, because we can find evidences for them in modern society.

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11 Katya  
Clearly the roles of men and women begins when we are born. Since childhood, children play different toys, thus already identified their future interests. Girls play nurses, cooks, hairdressers, boys drivers, construction workers.When at school, we are increasingly concerned about the future profession. I agree that there is a profession that can be divided into male and female. Firstly, there is a profession which, by their physique can not work by women. Secondly, the different interests of boys and girls leads to the separation of professions. Third, for a long time it happened that the woman in the house mistress, and the man works and makes money, so they can spend more time at work. For example, it is unlikely that a woman will be a builder, train driver, fitter machines. A man vryatli will work as a nurse or nurse in a kindergarten. But then a man and a woman can occupy the same job. First, opportunities for education are equal, so a person can get any profession. Second, now women do not have to sit at home with your child, because you can hire a nurse. And every woman can work on equal terms with men.   In conclusion I want to say that in modern society there is no clear division into male and female professions. Since our rights and the possibilities are virtually equal. 
I think that you can not infringe on the rights of citizens and to give everyone the opportunity to choose a profession. Indeed, in the twenty-first century girl can learn to hang wallpaper and thus help in construction. And in the railway school everyone can learn to be a train driver.

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10 Verbenkina  
Each person has a predisposition to any profession. And a man and a woman decide to engage in that activity, which brings him satisfaction, from which he experiences pleasure and that he liked. In my opinion, occupational segregation, the male and female should be appropriate. First, women can not work where you want the power, such as a loader. Second, women are more nimble. Men will never be able to work as a seamstress.First, women can not work where you want the power, such as a loader. In - the second, women are more nimble. Men will never be able to work as a seamstress. There are professions in which men have more confidence - personal driver and bodyguard. B - Third, men are more sensible, they can easily find themselves in the political and economic spheres.But just as there are women politicians and women in business. This proves that these professions can be successful in both men and women. I conclude that although women and men are equal to their profession should be separated.

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9 Анютик  
Many people think that roles as men and women start when we are born, that there are only male and female professions. I partially agree with this opinion. But I don’t agree completely. Today there are many professions suiting both men and women.
Firstly, for a long period historical stereotypes were influencing the role of women. But now the position of women in society has changed. In the past women could not work. They had to be a housekeeper. The main role in family belonged to men. Secondly, many professions approach for both men and women. For example, both a man and a woman can be a teacher. Moreover, recently women often choose men's roles. Make money, participate in business, study a science, etc. And women in some professions reach greater successes than men.
On the other hand, often a woman forgets about the family, the children and the house, because she always works. Finally, some male and female professions differ a lot, for example, a loader, a fireman, a seaman or a secretary, a nurse, a stewardess. I doubt that a woman will be able to work as a loader or a man will be able to work as a secretary.
In the conclusion, In conclusion I would like to say that though men and women are equal there are only male and only female professions.

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8 =ANY=  
Men and women have different roles in any society, It's fact. It begins in date of birth and continues all life. This difference is shown in professions: it is male jobs and female jobs. I can't say that I completely approve or disapprove this idea, nevertheless I choose the first variant, I agree with the statement.
On the one hand, this difference explains very simply: firstly, man has more stronger body than woman. Woman doesn't upload
trucks and build buildings, because these are very hard jobs for her; secondly, such jobs as secretary, hairdresser, cleaner considered as female job, because women is more imaginable and accuracy, but there are exceptions; thirdly, there is established in our society that wife should stay at home to take care for children, to clean up the house, to cook dinner, and husband should get a big salary to provide his family.
On the other hand, men and women should have equal rights. Not every woman agrees to be housewife in 21st century. Moreover, men's jobs are more high-paid than women's. By the way, man can take care for children too. Не also can clean up the house, cook dinner and wash the dishes as a woman
In sum I regard that male jobs and female jobs are good. This difference should always be, because there is a great difference between this sexes.
In conclusion, there will always be male and female jobs in any society, because there will always be jobs to do better men than women and on the contrary.

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7 Gw@n  
Women and men divided their responsibility since ancient times. Women were looking after their household and children, while men were looking for food and clothes for the whole family. It was male and female jobs. But I think it is not relevant nowadays. There is no male and female work now.
On the one hand, everyone should be engaged in what they like. It does not depend on sex. If a man wants to be a designer and a woman wants to be a driver is normal. Also there are people knowing definition of science such as women-mechanics. We know a lot of examples like that. Moreover there is a law that equalizes all men and women in our country.
On the other hand, men are more capable of learning than women. Scientists have proved it. It is very helpful to use men in hard work. It is especially important in teamwork. Besides, men have more force and patience than women, so can work more long and better.
In the conclusion , I want to say that there are no just male or just female jobs in the modern society now. They are mixed. it's better for the modern post-industrial society.

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