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Main » 2012 » September » 20 » Essay "My Opinion"
Essay "My Opinion"

Essay "My Opinion"

Comment on the following

In some countries there are Animal Police that protect the rights of animals and defend them from cruelty and neglect. The environmentalists think that Animal Police should be established in every country.

Use the guidelines:

  • write to what extent you approve or disapprove of the idea
  • present your arguments "for"
  • present your arguments "against"'
  • write your conclusion

Write 200-250 words.

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9 Владислав  
Nowadays we have dlobal problem in our World. It's problem of destruction of animal. This problem actually for the whole World and specially for us. We - people which should decide it, otherwise, all animals will die. Currently, a lot of animals don't have a home. People, not everyone, hurt them. On the streets there are generally only dogs and cats. They do not have a home.
The environmentalists think that Animal Police will help us. It will give a homes for every animal which liles on the street. I agree with them.
Animal Police - it's place where employees find animals. Currently, different countries have Animal Police. In my opinion, animals should have a homes. They should have eat and drink. I think that they need it for themselves.
In the end of my comosition I want say that I love animals and I want that they have their homes. Animals as people - live and breathe. And I believe that will find their houses and Animal Police will be constructed in each country.
Your dincerely,
Vlad Zaycev(Russia/Novosibirsk).

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8 Katya  
Nowadays we have a global problem.Currently, a lot of animals do not have a home and people brutally apply to them. On the street a lot of stray dogs and cats. Of course this problem can be solved. Some countries have animal police. and where each animal has its own house. Environmentalists believe that animals should have the police in all countries. As for me, I believe that the police are needed in our country. First, each animal must have a home and not live on the street. Secondly animals must eat well. Third stray animals can bite and infect human disease. on the other hand have a police force in the country is very expensive. Our country alone can afford it. But we have many other problems whose solution requires money. I love animals and I think that they should have a home. Therefore necessary to create a police force in Russia. While in other countries it is, then we can not afford it.

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7 Gw@n  
Nowadays we have a global problem. It is an animal abuse and neglect. This problem is usually solved by Animal Police in some countries. The environmentalists guess that it is necessary to have them in all countries. As for me, I believe that every country should be have this Police.
Firstly, it is important because poor animals are thrown out on the street and they need have their own house. In fact, they are stupid and helpless, but so pathetic and loved. Secondly, stray animals are carriers of all kinds infections. It is very dangerous for people. Thirdly, they should have protection from their cruel masters.
On the other hand, it is very expensive. It is only possible for countries with stable economy. Moreover, we have many other problems. For example, we have a lot of homeless and hungry people now. They need help too. Also we will have to introduce a law to disallow a scoff at the animals as well as penalties and people will be against it.
In conclusion, I would like to say that animal should have their own home, live in love and be happy, that's why we need Animal Police.

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6 =ANY=  
Animal Police protects the rights of animals and defend them from cruelty and neglect. Nowadays, our city is full of homeless animals; they need of home, food and human’s care. Some pets exposed to violence by their owners. No one animal must suffer from human. I regard that Animal Police should be established in our country.
Firstly, every animal should be in safe. Nobody has a right to do harm to animals. Animal Police protects animals from human’s cruelty and controls their accommodations. Secondly, Animal Police captures homeless animals, treats them and finds new home for them. Capturing homeless animals will decrease dog’s attacking situations. Thirdly, establishing Animal Police can decrease unemployment.
On the other hand, establishing Animal Police will result increase of taxes, because policemen will get salaries from government budget. Moreover, how can we establish Animal Police, which will care about homeless animals, if we have not any organization, which will care about homeless people? Establishing this organization will be very difficult, much money must be invested to create it.
Of course, arguments against establishing Animal Police are not as serious as arguments for. Animal’s health and safe and people’s safe on the street are more important than increase of taxes.
In conclusion, I think to say that Animal Police should be established in every country, in our country too.

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5 elya_ginger  
Animals are helpless creatures. They need special care and love. If people do not do it, then who? I think that Animal Police is necessary in every developed country.
On the one hand, the Animal Police will help the homeless, the sick animals. It will give a good example to people who want to help but do not know how to do it. Animal Police will be able provide a lot of jobs for people. I think that children will learn good relation to animals due to this police. Animal Police will be able punish the perpetrators of cruelty to animals.
On the other hand, for the maintenance animal police need a lot of money. Good workers will be required. I think that not everyone agrees with this idea
But perhaps unemployment problem can be solved.
In conclusion, I would like to quote the great French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery: «You become responsible forever, for what you have tamed. »

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4 _strekoza_  
In many European countries there is the so-called Animal Police that protect animals from cruelty and people rude attitude. Some people think about developing such thing in Russia and I sincerely hope they will succeed.
First of all, poor pets need to be protected from their evil owners that sometimes beat them and treat them badly. Secondly, homeless animals must be taken to shelters. There are so many cats and dogs in the streets in Russia! They must be arranged. And finally, a great number of wild animals suffer from poaching in fields and forests of our country. For these reasons Animal Police are necessary.
But on the other hand, establishing such department will take a huge sum of money, therefore our department wouldn’t be pleased with this idea. Besides, people are not used to having the law that will punish them for their behavior with animals. So they will protest it. Maybe many people will be taken to prison because of their attitude to animals. In any case, I suppose these people are not going to like Animal Police.
But I’m sure it doesn’t have to mean anything. Animals’ rights must be protected. Animal Police must take place in Russia.

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3 July  
Animals are unprotected creatures. People must protect them. Safety of animals is an important part of human activity in the modern world. I think the animal police are necessary.
Firstly, animals need to be taken out from cities to natural environmental condition. It is important that an animal could live comfortable and not to face unfortunate incidents. It often happens that a dog or a cat is forced down by a car on a road. The animal police would protect animals from poachers.
On the other hand the animal police can negatively affect. Creation of such department of police can demand a lot of money. First of all, it will be reflected in usual inhabitants. It is necessary to raise taxes in the country. It will directly affect moods in a society.
In general, people need to be kinder. To concern environment and animals carefully. It is not necessary to show indifference and egoism. when people are more kind it’s not necessary to create police of animals. But it is necessary now.

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2 Tony  
I have a pet. Dog. I very much love it. But there are masters who don't look after the pets. Bring them pain and sufferings. Don't feed them. Don't give some water. Scoff. For this purpose also the animal police is created.
In the first it let's to masters scoff at the animals. It prevents all attempts to make it.
Such police will carry out prevention of such actions to the second. As if the animal has rage such services will help the master to isolate an animal from people.
I read that the animal police is necessary and in my country. Because our citizens have many pets.

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1 Семеновская  
Safety and protection of animals - an important part of modern human activity. First of all, it is necessary for the people themselves. Environmentalists are very excited about it and so they want to create Animal Police to help animals cope with uncomfortable environmental conditions
Firstly, animals need protection from adverse environmental conditions. Secondly, people often have to protect the animals from poachers and hunters, creating special reserves and enclosures for them. In them they can safely live, freedom of movement, eat and breed. Thirdly, people should save some endangered species of animals in their natural environment, for further propagation
On the other hand, animals are not always in need of human intervention in their habitat. Besides, people can spoil the natural habitat of animals its stupid and intrusive mean sand they may suffer. Finally, many animals die by reason of improper and careless human help.
In general, people should create an Animal Police, because they still need the help of people, because they can not always cope with the environmental conditions. But we definitely have to remember that we can do much harm to animals, and so do not be too abrupt and rude to them.

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