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Main » 2012 » February » 11 » Appliances

Write an essay giving your opinion on the following topic.

"Imagine that you could only use one of the following: a computer, a mobile phone or a fridge. Which one would you use and why?"

Write 180-200 words.

The deadline is 12 p.m. February, 16.

Good Luck!

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Nowadays there are so many different appliances. Each device is important. New technologies are developing very quickly. Each month, new models of phones, computers, TV sets, refrigerators etc are available. People are not live without these devices. Many people are attached to devices.
A computer, a mobile phone or a fridge? I do not know what to choose. I think I would choose the computer, because it functioned much. With a computer you can know the world news, communicate with friends and family, use different programs to work, learn languages and various sciences, play games, read books online and make purchases on the internet. Modern technologies are not stand still. Computers are used in areas such as medicine, physics, aerospace, education and many others.
Everyday computers help us in the many areas and I believe that will be much more places in our life for computers in the future. Very interesting what computers will be in the future.

Nowadays, modern people can not imagine my life without technology. Each person needs in many devices. It is hard to imagine that I am have not a some device. So, if I had to use only one device, then I would choose the computer. Because my computer now for me is most needed. With it, I quickly find necessary information, doing some homework and just relax.
In addition, with the help of modern computer programs, we can call your friends and family. So, the computer can replace the phone. Although it should be noted that the phone is more portable than a computer and phone can take in any place.
Of course, with a refrigerator is more complicated. Unfortunately the computer does not have a program for freezing food))) But when you choose between a refrigerator and a computer, I choose the computer. Because I can eat, for example, in a cafe or order a meal at home.
In conclusion, I want to say that I would never want to make a choice between these devices. Because each of these is the achievement of scientists, which should make people's lives better and more comfortable.

When I had to think what subject to choose, frankly speaking I got confused. It is so because in the modern world such like subjects play an imminent role people's lives.
Nowadays a computer is in every family. It helps to communicate with people by Skype, get necessary information, be informed, watch favourite movies and download music. Though in the last decade there appeared to be new high technology mobile phones that have the same options. So the computers have become replacable in some ways.
A fridge is necessary to keep food fresh in. All the people know how important it is now to stay healthy and not to eat fast -food. Though some of them neglect that and get problems with their health.
It I some day had to choose one of these subjects I'd use a mobile phone to get with my beloved parents or friends who have a fridge and a computer.

In our century of great technological progress, we begin being depent from different new things and gadjets. And I think, not every person can answer, which of things, used in daily life are more important. As for me, if I could use only fridge, mobile phone, or computer I think, I'd chose the third variant
Why? Because I know other ways of keeping food, and I can communicate, using my stationary telephone, or the Internet. And with the help of computer I can learn about what's hapening in the world without the official gossip from television, I can keep useful materials on the hard disk, I can write a book, if I want at last! That is the reason of such choise.I could use only computer to communicate and get information, instead of such a great amount of things. I can visit my friends and talk to them myself at last. I can buy food, which doesn't need to be kept in the refrigerator but I need to get information somehow, without brainwashing from TV. That are the main arguments for my opinion.

That’s a really hard question for consideration, and it’s also a strange one because I wouldn’t put in one row electronic gadgets such as computer and mobile phone that meant for some projection and designing problems solving and a fridge which was created for domestic demands, particularly, for foodstuff conserving.

If it is talked about being lost and left on an uninhabited island I would pick a fridge. But I need it just if it was an exotic island with hot climate. Otherwise, I mean, at permanent cold weather, I don’t need a fridge for food storage.

If the use of one of those doesn’t mean leaving civilized comfortable life, possibly I would choose a fridge anyway, because I need to control the food not to go off. But that choice only relates to my today’s situation.

If I were a businessman, a politician, a manager of some company, or even a student, I wouldn’t be able to live without a cellphone and a computer. Those are an integral part of busy people’s life. In case they don’t have a refrigerator such people can store food at another cold place or even eat always out. That’s why, possibly, the most important thing in their life must be a mobile phone. Imagine one of the days of those. If they are hungry they can commonly have lunch at café. And now think about what they would do if they lost their cellular phone. That means complete chaos and horror.

I should mention again that this topic is kind of strange. I would probably get confused if I had a problem like this.

Everyone has its own opinion. Somebody may not agree with me, but this is my view.

Nowadays people cannot imagine their life without modern technologies. Every day we use computers, cell phones, washing machines, fridges, TV-sets, MP3-players, electronic books, etc.
Let’s suppose that you have to choose only one of them and forget about other things. As to me, I am accustomed to using all of them regularly, however, I would pick up a computer. At first, it is better than a mobile phone or a TV-set, because it combines the function of both. As for the fridge, it does not give me anything besides food, which I can buy in shops. That is why I would never choose it. My relaxation of and education are more important than food.
However, in my opinion, some people would not choose a computer, as they think it harms their health, makes them addicted and takes much time. Nevertheless, if you manage your time well, it will be only useful.
In conclusion, I would like to say, that I could never make up my mind in this situation, because all these devices are an important part in our life. However, some of them are vital for us, and without some of them we can easily live.

Nowadays there are many different inventions for better living,because today technology develops faster and faster.Such modern devices as a fridge, a computer, a mobile phone are very important today.
But which invention is the most necessary for modern man? Unfortunately, I can not choose one of these things because I can't do without them. For example, in a fridge can store food.Talking about computer and mobile phone , almost every family own one now.Though it has both advantages and disadvantages.With phone we can call any person wherever he is, for example, to connect with your relatives or friends. But a phone has it's waves those affect human body. With the help of a computer we can communicate with our friends, order meals, listening to music, watch movies, find important information and many other things. On-line games are very popular with teenagers nowadays and they play them so much that they get a dependence on them.
Finally, I mean to say that all of those things are necessary for us.

Tecnologies develop very quickly and nowadays we can not imagine our life without modern appliances. How did our parents live without computers, mobile phones, TV...? Our parents did not use the Internet when they did their homework!
A fridge is very comfortable home appliance, because it can keep our products and they will not be addle for a long time. With fridge we can save our money and time, because we should not go to shop every day.
Mobile phone is appliance, without which can not live almost everyone. With phone we can call any person wherever he is.
Computer is very important appliance in our life too. Of course, if it is with the Internet. The Internet is necessary for almost everyone. It is used by working people, for example, to send by e-mail some reporting, by students to do reports or any homework without visiting a library. The Internet is way of entertainment. You can play different on-line games or play games on a computer. The Internet is comfortable way of communication. People can maintain relationships if they did not meet for a long time.
As for me, I choose a mobile phone. I can not live without mobile phone even a day.

Nowadays there are a lot of technologies which have been invented to improve our life. Technologies have been developing rather intensive lately. Just think, our parents were not able to communicate to each other by using, for example, mobile phones. They also couldn’t use the Internet because they didn’t have computers. However our generation does have a lot of appliances such as a fridge, a mobile phone or a computer.
It goes without saying, fridges are very comfortable for us, because they can keep our products for a long of time. As a result we don’t waste our money and time. Mobile phones make us more accessible, they help us to link with people who are far away from our place. As for computers, they give us a lot of necessary information that can be very important especially for pupils and students. Using a computer we can communicate with people from different cities or even countries. There are very many social networks and other useful sites where we can not only talk to our friends but also develop our knowledge and skills.
So if somebody asks me what I will choose I will answer: «a computer». Exactly a computer is the most useful. By the way, I’m really used to utilizing it every day, so I cannot imagine my life without my computer.

Unfortunately, I can not choose one of these things. A computer, a mobile phone and a fridge are very important because each of them performs necessary functions. A fridge is necessary for satisfaction of physiological requirements, but a computer and a mobile phone are necessary for satisfaction of spiritual requirements.
For example, if I got in an accident, I would have to use my mobile phone. In this case, I need not a computer or a fridge.
However, if I need get some necessary information, I use a computer or a phone, for there is Internet. Also can be such case, as I want to eat and only a fridge can helped me because only in a fridge can store food, not a computer and not a mobile phone.
Finally, I mean to say that all of those things are necessary for us. It all depends on the situation.

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